Our Programs

PNG is a sporting nation! EPF uses all kinds of sport to engage young people in its programs. EPF also uses sporting concepts and terminology to help explain the importance of respectful relationships to young people as EPF believes that education is more effective when you speak to young people in a language they understand and at an age when they are becoming aware of the opposite gender and developing relationships.


Equal playing field for schools (epf4S)

EPF4S Program is an eight-week respectful relationship education program during which students aged between 13-16 years take part in a mixed gender sports competition that combines respectful relationship education, with skills development and games using sports as the tool for behavior change. In EPF4S, sport is not merely used as an enticement to attract the students to participate, but it is also used as a tool to understand, discuss and teach young people about gender equality and non-violent ways of dealing with conflict.

university actions groups (uag)

Similar to SAGs, University Action Groups are student associations made up of tertiary students whose focus is on addressing issues surrounding youth and are social issues commonly found in universities eg. Peer Pressure, Alcohol Abuse, Sexual & Reproductive Health issues and Gender-Based Violence.

School action groups (sag)

School Action Groups (SAGs) are student associations formed within our partnered schools to campaign for current and ongoing social issues in the societies they live in. SAGs were primarily established to target issues surrounding Gender-Based Violence (specifically school violence) and promote equality and respectful relationships in schools. The positive impact of this program is one that Equal Playing Field (EPF) would like to see ripple into nearby communities. 

changemakers academy

Equal Playing Field’s “Changemakers Academy” was established in 2014 as a next step in the journey of EPF’s youth volunteers. Following the EPF4S Program previously outlined, the EPF Changemakers Academy is certified training to equip all lead volunteers with necessary skills and education to carry out other programs delivered to schools under EPF such as the EPF4S Program.