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Meet our Teacher Champion for the month of May

EPF is grateful to share its passion of change with other members of the society. Through our Equal Playing Field for Schools (EPF4S) Program and the Student Action Groups (SAGs), there are a number of notable changemakers that deserve recognition for their efforts in driving change through our schools’ programs.


Meet Mrs. Solok, our Teacher Champion from Koki Primary School who leads the way in educating her students about respectful relationship education through EPF’s School Action Group Program.


Mrs. Solok is part of a team of teachers from participating primary schools around the national capital that have undergone Teacher Training through EPF’s school programs under its Safe Schools Framework. She has been a teacher champion through EPF’s programs since 2017 and says the training she’s received plus the education she imparts to her students has helped her as an individual both in her professional and personal life.


“I am now more considerate of children and students in terms of discipline. A good number of EPF trained students made it through to secondary schools. I emphasise gender equality in my home through household tasks”, said Mrs. Solok.


Mrs. Solok is passionately driven to make change to support students to make their voices heard and to speak up in a respectful way towards others. She believes that with the skills learned and with her personality, she is capable of addressing Gender-Based Violence in her school and to be vocal about these issues through the students’ action groups.