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Hagara’s Second Batch of Change Advocates for EPF4S Program

Hagara’s Second Batch of Change Advocates for EPF4S Program

Almost 230 Grade 7 Students at Hagara Primary School in NCD have taken on the challenge to become ‘Change Advocates’ within their school and local communities part taking in Equal Playing Field’s 8-week long “Equal Playing Field for Schools” training program.

The EPF4S Program which started on Wednesday 1st of March will see the students undergo an 8-week program curriculum involving learning about respectful relationships and Gender Based Violence through sports and sporting concepts. In the 8 weeks, students will learn:

Week 1: RULES OF THE GAME: Students learn about teamwork and good sportsmanship on and off the field.

Week 2: A MILE IN THEIR SHOES 7 STYLES OF COMMUNICATION: Students learn about empathy and how to consider their words and impact of their actions on others.

Week 3: EVERYONE’S EQUAL: Students learn about the importance and benefits of gender equality in personal relationships.

Week 4: UNDERSTANDING VIOLENCE & ABUSE: Students learn about the different kinds of violence and abuse that can happen within relationships and how a respectful relationship is a much better alternative.

Week 5: SETTING BOUNDARIES & CONSENT: Students learn about the importance of consent and how to stay safe by setting personal boundaries.

Week 6: WALK & TALK: Students learn about how to develop a support network of people they can turn to or ask when if they need help.

Week 7: LOOKING BACK, MOVING FORWARD: Students revise key concepts and messages covered during the program.

 Hagara Primary were involved in EPF4S in 2018 and have an active School Action Group set up by the Grade 8 students who formerly underwent the EPF4S program in 2018. EPF thanked Hagara Primary School Head Teacher Mr. Koregai for the school’s continued support in granting permission for his Grade 7 students to undergo the EPF4S training again this year.

 The students will be going through Week 2 learning activities on Wednesday 8th May with Equal Playing Field’s school program staff and volunteers.